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Following an entertaining and pleasant winning celebration in the Gambrinus Hall in the Bräustüberl in Forst Algund, there was a souvenir photo led by host Cellina von Mannstein (3rd from left) and “Dolomiten” editor-in-chief Dr. Toni Ebner (1st from left).

25 prizes for enthusiastic players in the athlete choice campaign

With the Sporthilfe Gala on Friday, April 5th in the unique setting of the Kurhaus in Meran, the final highlight of the 36th “Dolomiten” athletes’ election is still to come. There was already a first highlight 10 days before the election was over: 25 participants in the athlete election - regardless of whether they sent in a coupon or voted digitally - were presented with great prizes.

They were drawn from a huge sea of ​​ballot papers - in the end there were almost 169.000 (!) who voted via coupon, app and on the internet. An entertaining and pleasant celebration took place in the time-honored Gambrinus Hall in the Bräustüberl of the Forst specialty beer brewery, where all the award winners, with a few exceptions, came together.

They were welcomed by host Cellina von Mannstein from the special beer brewery Forst, who was proud to be a partner from the very beginning of the “Dolomiten” sportsmen’s election because: “Being sporty is a way of life and we work on it every day .”

The festive Gambrinus Hall in the Bräustüberl of the Forst specialty beer brewery, named after the beer's inventor, was the venue for the winning celebration of the athletes' choice.

“Dolomiten” editor-in-chief Toni Ebner took the same line and was still impressed by the great popularity of the athlete election: “When we see how many votes are still being cast even after 36 years, then this is not just a sign the great enthusiasm for sports among all South Tyroleans. It is also a confession of how much our population follows the achievements of our South Tyrolean athletes.”

Won great prizes

Among the many winners there were also some of the sponsors and partners who insisted on handing over their prizes in person. Patrizia Winkler from Mals was happy about one of the prizes – a voucher for the Alpine Luxury SPA Resort Schwarzenstein in Luttach: “I voted for the Coratti siblings, but I also gave my vote to Jannik Sinner and Evelin Lanthaler.” And she was really happy about it the prize winner: “Wellness is exactly my thing, it’s the best place for me to relax.”

Edeltraud Malfertheiner, Martin Wanker, Julia Moser, Cellina von Mannstein from the special beer brewery Forst, Marco Bagozza (representing his sister Manuela), Ruth Daporta and Maria Hermeter (from left) presented themselves for their prize - a voucher from the special beer brewery. Forst Brewery – together for a photo together.

Among the prize winners were the parents of 3 outstanding South Tyrolean athletes: Marco Bagozza, the father of snowboard ace Daniele Bagozza, came on behalf of his sister Manuela, who won a voucher from the special beer brewery Forst. Edeltraud Malfertheiner, the mother of luger Andrea Vötter, also received the exact same award.

Ewald Perathoner, on the other hand, can look forward to a feel-good day in the Meran thermal baths. The father of world-class snowboarder Emanuel Perathoner came to the Gambrinus Hall with his wife from Laion and was thrilled by the great atmosphere.

That was also Raimund Raffeiner, who sent in a single coupon - and promptly won a wellness weekend at the Alpine Luxury Resort Schwarzenstein. The enthusiastic skier and hiker chose Dominik Paris and doesn't miss out on skiing and biathlon races in winter.

The 25 prize winners of the 36th athlete election

Wellness weekend for 2 people at the Alpine Luxury SPA Resort Schwarzenstein in Luttach im Ahrntal: Raimund Raffeiner from Algund, Patrizia Winkler from Mals

Wellness weekend for 2 people in the **** experience resort Gassenhof in Ridnaun: Stefan Vorhauser from Meran, Maria Höller from Klausen, Michaela Silvia Hochenegger from Laces

Voucher from the garden market of the main agricultural cooperative Südtiol LHG: Bernadette Pöhl from Rabland, Klaus Brugger from Kiens, Thomas Oberhofer from Kaltern, Thomas Rier from Meran, Klaus Rauch from Leifers

Voucher from the special beer brewery Forst: Julia Moser from St. Jakob Leifers, Martin Wanker from Castelrotto, Edeltraud Malfertheiner from Völs, Manuela Bagozza from Ortisei in Val Gardena, Ruth Daporta from Ratschings, Maria Hermeter from Unterinn am Ritten, Valentina Schiavon from Leifers, Florian Rauter from Feldthurns, Sieglinde Steinegger from Klobenstein, Mariagrazia Stimpfl from Leifers

Feel-good day in the Merano thermal baths: Ewald Perathoner from Laion, Josef Noggler from St. Valentin auf der Haide, Evi Thaler from Villanders, Dorothea Oberhofer from Vintl, Eva Falser from Bozen

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