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The last athlete election winner was Dorothea Wierer in 2022. © Fotonico_Dametto

South Tyrolean athlete election: These are the finalists

The decision has been made: A record-breaking 168.680 votes decided who ended up among the top 36 men and women in the 6th edition of the South Tyrolean sports election.

One thing in advance: There were only a few surprises, the athletes with the most outstanding achievements from our country are also at the forefront of the “Dolomites” athlete election. In short: it's time to celebrate!

Anyone who has won the prestigious title of Athlete of the Year 2023 will be presented at the Sporthilfe Gala in aid of South Tyrolean Sporthilfe Friday, 5th of April 2024 in the tried and tested setting of the Merano Kurhaus. Until then, you can keep guessing about who landed at what rank. Whoever made it into the top 6 women and men will alphabetical order cited.


Hannah Auchentaller (biathlon)


Jasmin Coratti (snowboard)

© Miha Matavz Photography / Miha Matavz

Raphaela Folie (volleyball)

Evelin Lanthaler (natural track tobogganing)

Kathrin Oberhauser (disabled sports)

Dorothea Wierer (biathlon)

Striking: Among the women, of the top 4 from the last election in October 2022 - back then, Dorothea Wierer won ahead of Nadia Delago, Raphaela Folie and Evelin Lanthaler - unsurprisingly, 3 of Wierer, Folie and Lanthaler are back. Disabled athlete Kathrin Oberhauser is another well-known face. However, two young, aspiring talents have never been in the top 6: biathlete Hannah Auchentaller and snowboarder Jasmin Coratti (she won the Ossi Pircher Young Talent Prize together with Jannik Sinner in 2).


Dominik Firiegeller (artistic track tobogganing)

© Photo Hermann Sobe / Hermann Sobe

Roland Fischller (snowboard)

© Miha Matavz Photography / Miha Matavz

Dominik Paris (Alpine skiing)


Patrick Pigneter (natural track tobogganing)


Florian Schieder (Alpine skiing)


Jannik Sinner (tennis)


As has been the case for many years, the top men's sextet is top-class. Unsurprisingly, defending champion Jannik Sinner is included, as is “perennial favorite” Dominik Paris, but also Dominik Fischneller (artificial track tobogganing), his namesake Roland Filehner (snowboard) and natural track tobogganing legend Patrick Pigneter. Downhill specialist Florian Schieder is celebrating a premiere: The Castelrotto native was presented as a candidate for the first time this year and made it into the top 6 straight away.

The most popular coaches and the team of the year will also be honored at the Sporthilfe Gala. Only this much can be revealed: absolute figureheads of the respective sport won both in one and the other election.

Exciting ball night at the Sporthilfe Gala on April 5th

The South Tyrolean athletes of the year will be awarded at the big ball night of South Tyrolean sports in the Merano Kurhaus on Friday, April 5th. As always, ball visitors can easily park their car in the thermal spa parking lot and mingle with the many ball and party guests after walking a 200-meter-long walkway. An unforgettable ball evening awaits you as part of South Tyrolean sports until late into the night. Also because the Ossi Pircher Prize will once again be awarded to 2 outstanding South Tyrolean youth athletes.

Live broadcast on RAI Südtirol

Anyone who can't make it to the Merano Kurhaus for whatever reason can watch the Sporthilfe Gala live on TV on RAI Südtirol from 20.20:XNUMX p.m. There are not only live images from the gala, but also a preliminary report from the Pavillon des Fleurs with interviews with the athletes and, after the announcement of the athletes of the year, initial analyses, opinions and social gossip.

3 sports figureheads will be honored

A highlight of the Sporthilfe Gala is the farewell to 3 exceptional South Tyrolean athletes (see photos) who ended their extraordinary careers last year. This program item alone is a must for all South Tyrolean sports enthusiasts to attend the Sporthilfe Gala in order to get a selfie or two and get an autograph.

Gala tickets are available now

Admission tickets and further information for the Sporthilfe Gala are only available from Südtiroler Sporthilfe, online at www.sporthilfegala.com or by email at ticketing@ sporthilfe.it.


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