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The podium of the mixed relay. © Sportissimus

Ridnaun: Norway celebrates again at the end

This year's IBU Cup in Ridnaun ended on Saturday with a mixed relay and a single mixed relay. Norway proved to be the strongest team, winning both competitions in fantastic weather and temperatures around freezing point.

In the mixed season, Norway prevailed with the cast of Emilie Aagheim Kalkenberg, Ida Lien, Johan-Olav Botn and Mats Oeverby. But the victory for the favored Scandinavian team was a lot of hard work. The success was only made clear by final runner Oeverby, who laid the foundation for it in prone shooting. First he sprinted around the stadium, then fired all five shots quickly and flawlessly and left the stadium around 40 seconds ahead of Danilo Riethmüller from Germany and the Ukrainian Bohdan Borkovsky. Oeverby then had to go into the penalty loop while standing, but his pursuers also made a mistake and the Norwegian crossed the finish line first after 1:05.19,3 hours.

Germany, which was still in the lead at the last change, secured second place with one penalty and a total of 14 spare rounds and ended up 13 seconds behind Norway. In addition to Riethmüller, Selina Grotian, Emily Schumann and Simon Kaiser were used here. The podium was completed by France's mixed relay team, which had to spin twice and had six spares. Gilonne Guigonnat, Anaelle Bondoux, Damien Levet and Antonin Guigonnat were used, who brought his team to third place with a faultless shooting. Italy landed in seventh place with Martina Trabucchi, Linda Zingerle, Nicola Romanin and David Zingerle.

Finland podium is the surprise of the day

The final single mixed relay took place in the early afternoon. Norway celebrated here again, with the cast Karoline Erdal/Vebjoern Soerum. While Italy was still in the lead after the first change - Sara Scattolo underlined her current outstanding form - the successful Scandinavians turned the tide after the second change and confidently brought home their top position until the end. Soerum was already celebrating in the stadium after the last shot was fired and even high-fived some fans before the finish line. Norway's winning time was 36.49,4:XNUMX minutes.

Sara Scattolo is in a strong mood. © Sportissimus

France with Camille Bened/Theo Guiraud Poillot took second place, 16,3 seconds behind. But the biggest surprise came from Noora Kaisa Keranen and Tuomas Harjula, who gave Finland a sensational third place. Harjula successfully defended third place on the final lap from the attacks of Germany (David Zobel) and Italy (Daniele Cappellari), who ended up taking fourth and fifth positions.

The IBU Cup will also be a guest in Ridnaun in the 2024/25 season. The second highest competition series in biathlon returns to the South Tyrolean stronghold from February 3rd to 9th, 2025. Before that, from December 9th to 15th, 2024, an IBU Junior Cup will take place in the Ridnaun Biathlon Center.

IBU Cup Ridnaun – results

Mixed relay
1. Norway (Kalkenberg, Lien, Botn, Oeverby) 1:05.19,3 (3+11)
2. Germany (Grotian, Schumann, Kaiser, Riethmüller) +13,0 (1+14)
3. France (Guigonnat, Bondoux, Levet, Guigonnat) +25,0 (2+6)
4. Sweden (Skottheim, Nilsson, Brandt, Stefansson) +27,9 (2+13)
5. Austria (Rothschopf, Wagner, Müllauer, Mühlbacher) +57,8 (0+10)
7. Italy (Trabucchi, Zingerle, Romanin, Zingerle) +2.17,5 (0+16)

Single mixed relay:
1. Norway (Erdal/Vebjoern) 36.49,4 (0+6)
2. France (Bened/Guiraud Poillot) +16,3 (0+6)
3. Finland (Keranan/Harjula) +20,7 (0+6)
4. Germany (Puff/Sable) +23,0 (1+12)
5. Italy (Scattolo/Cappellari) +26,9 (0+9)

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