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Martina Trabucchi is ready for the mass start. © Sportissimus

IBU Cup in Ridnaun: time for mass starts

Training took place on Thursday in the Ridnaun Biathlon Center. The biathletes from 227 different nations present at the IBU Cup 33 were able to enjoy fantastic weather and optimal snow conditions. A little more than half of them will be in action on Friday as part of the two mass starts 60. On Saturday the Ridnaun Biathlon Week will conclude with a mixed relay or a single mixed relay.

With bright sunshine and once again pleasant temperatures just below freezing point, the ski hunters rehearsed for an emergency at the shooting range in the morning and the ski hunters in the early afternoon and reeled off their kilometers on the perfectly prepared cross-country trails. The competition break between the sprints on Wednesday and the mass starts 60 on Friday was actively used to fine-tune the current form and correct minor mistakes.

The IBU Cup in Ridnaun continues on Friday with the mass starts 60, which are extremely attractive for spectators. The starting signal is given at 11 a.m. for the competition of the biathletes, who will cover 12 kilometers on the cross-country ski trail and complete a total of four shooting tests. In the first shooting, the biathletes with start numbers 1 to 30 are in action, while the remaining ski hunters run another loop on the cross-country ski trail. After that, start numbers 31 to 60 take their turn, while the top group accelerate on their skis. From the second shooting onwards, the field is already mixed up so that shooting takes place according to the order in which the biathletes enter the stadium.

All “Azzurre” are eligible to start

The leader of the IBU Cup overall ranking is Jenny Enodd. The Norwegian is accordingly listed with number 1 on the provisional start list. The French Anaelle Bondoux and the German trio Emily Schumann, Julia Kink and Johanna Puff follow with start numbers 2 to 5. Gilonne Guigonnat, the French winner of Wednesday's sprint, is expected to wear the jersey with number 12. Everyone is also eligible to start four biathletes from the Italian national team: Martina Trabucchi (14), sprint runner-up Sara Scattolo (16), Linda Zingerle (36) and debutant Fabiana Carpella (48).

Nicola Romanin is seeded in the men's category. © Sportissimus

The start of the men's 60 mass start (15 km) was set at 13.45:1 p.m. As the leader of the IBU Cup overall ranking, Johan-Olav Botn has the 62st place. Botn's dominance this winter is impressive. This year he competed in nine competitions in the “second league” of biathletes. He won six of these, came second twice and third once. Although Botn skipped the stage in Martell last week - he was allowed to start at the World Cup in Oberhof - he is 60 points ahead of his teammate Mats Oeverby in the ranking, who is wearing the jersey with the number 2 at the mass start XNUMX in Ridnaun. What is pleasing for the organizers is that the top six in the overall ranking are all present in the South Tyrolean biathlon stronghold and are all expected to start.

Four of the six biathletes on the Italian team are seeded

Four of the six biathletes present will probably start for Italy: Daniele Cappellari (13), Nicola Romanin (19), Nicolò Betemps (33) and Christoph Pircher (36). David Zingerle from Antholz can also have little hope of playing. He is the fifth runner-up and would come into play if five biathletes canceled the mass start 60 or withdrew their registration. The final start lists are set at 9 a.m. for the women's competition and at 11.45 a.m. for the men's competition.

IBU Cup Ridnaun 2023/24 – program:

Friday, January 12, 2024
11.00: Mass start 60 women (12 km)
13.45 p.m.: Mass start 60 men (15 km)

Saturday, January 13, 2024
10.30: Mixed relay
13.30 p.m.: Single mixed relay

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