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Stina Nilsson doesn't lose her laugh. © Social Media

Sorted out: Former cross-country skiing luminary in the biathlon crisis

There are a few cross-country skiers who switched to biathlon and achieved great success in the new sport: Magdalena Forsberg and Denise Herrmann-Wick are the best example of this. The Swede Stina Nilsson is currently experiencing that the transition is not a given.

It was over three years ago when cross-country skiing Olympic and world champion Stina Nilsson decided to start a biathlon career. The now 30-year-old took a big risk because she was the best sprinter in the world at the time of the move. Despite meticulous training, Nilsson has not yet been able to establish himself in the Biathlon World Cup.

Although she climbed the World Cup podium once in a sprint in Kontiolahti (Finland) in 2022, she has lacked consistency so far. After a disastrous start to the season, she has now even been demoted to the IBU Cup. In Östersund, Nilsson only finished 84th in the individual with seven errors. During the sprint she missed the target four times, which meant she even missed the chase. In addition to the inadequate shooting, the athlete from Malung also lagged far behind the world leaders on the cross-country ski trail. “Patience is a biathlete’s best friend,” Nilsson wrote on social media: “Thanks to everyone who supports me in both the sun and the snowstorm.”

Back to the IBU Cup

Nilsson was no longer taken into account for the upcoming World Cup weekend in Hochfilzen. She should gain the necessary self-confidence at the IBU Cup in Idre before presenting herself on the big stage again. Italy's squad Meanwhile, the schedule for the race weekend in Austria has remained unchanged.

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