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Omar Visintin (in green) was successful in Gudauri. © Miha Matavz Photography / Miha Matavz

Back on the podium: Omar Visintin is in top form

The second World Cup race took place in Gudauri, Georgia, on Sunday. South Tyrol's only snowboard crosser Omar Visintin achieved a respectable placing.

Omar Visintin from Algunder, who competed despite a mild flu, once again impressively showed why he is one of the best snowboarders of the moment. In the end he was on the podium in third place. It was his second podium finish this season after third place in St. Moritz.

The 34-year-old came second in his round of 2 and round of XNUMX heats. In the quarter-finals he was the best in his group, while in the semi-finals he qualified for the grand final in second place behind Liam Moffatt (Canada). And there Visintin went one better: this time he left the Canadian behind him and took a place on the podium in third place. Only the Australian Cameron Bolton (XNUMXnd) and the winner Eliot Grondin from Canada were better than Visintin.

In the women's category, Michela Moioli took 4th place as the best “Azzurra”. Britain's Charlotte Bankes took victory ahead of France's Chloe Trespeuch and Australia's Belle Brockhoff.

Snowboard Cross World Cup in Gudauri (Georgia), the results

1.Eliot GrondinCAN
2.Cameron BoltonAUS
3.Omar VisintinITA/Algund
4.Liam MoffattCAN
5.Jake VedderUSA
5.Aidan CholletFRA

1.Charlotte BankesGBR
2.Chloe TrepeuchFRA
3.Belle BrockhoffAUS
4.Michele MoioliITA
5.Eva AdamczykovaCZE
6.Josie flabbergastedAUS

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