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Salurn is in the lower midfield in the regional league. © www.runggaldier.it / Dieter Runggaldier

Good news in the regional league relegation battle

The football season is entering the home stretch. Consequently, the great hope, fear – and calculation now begins. There is good news for the teams in the regional league relegation battle.

How many teams are relegated? This is a question that concerns numerous teams in South Tyrolean amateur football every year. This year is no different. The extremely exciting relegation battle in the upper league means that there is also a lot of anticipation in the lower leagues. One scenario is causing a lot of headaches, especially in the national league.

This scenario is as follows: If three South Tyrolean teams are relegated from the Oberliga (which is still entirely possible) and the winner of the regional league playoff game of the second-placed team does not come from South Tyrol but from Trentino, then the 2023/24 regional league championship would theoretically be over There are 17 teams – and not 16 as before.

No additional relegation

In recent years, such a case has always resulted in an additional club being relegated from the national league. Means: Not only the last three teams have to go to the 1st amateur league, but also the fourth from last. Salurn currently occupies that place, but Terlan would also still be at risk.

But now the good news for these clubs: In the national league, only three teams will definitely go down. “We decided that before the start of the season. The reason for this is that we want to avoid calculations. If this event really happens, then the 2023/24 state league season will be played with 17 teams,” explains association president Klaus Schuster when asked.

1. Partschins27176458:2557
2. Naturns27165670:3453
3. Brunico27165657:2753
4. SSV Laives27148549:3550
5. Ahrntal27139549:3648
6. Milland27129638:3345
7. Gitschberg Jochtal271161043:4639
8. St. Martin Moss271071040:3537
9. Lace27981038:4435
10. Schenna27971127:3234
11. Ridnaun Valley27961245:5833
12. Terlano27781244:5029
13. Salorno276101125:4428
14. Eppan27571533:3822
15. SC Passeier27441929:6616
16. Albeins27432028:7015


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