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Michael Bacher was promoted with FC Gherdëina. © Andreas Senoner Photography

From the 1st to the 3rd amateur league: all decisions

Many decisions were made in the domestic amateur leagues on Sunday. SportNews provides the big overview - from the 1st to the 3rd division.

FC Gherdëina crowned a perfect season with a befitting victory: the Ladin team secured promotion to the national league on Sunday. Before the final game, the starting position in the 1st Amateur League, Group B was clear. A point was enough for league leaders Val Gardena at home against bottom-placed Reischach to secure promotion. No sooner said than done: thanks to two early goals, Michael Bacher & Co. prevailed 3-0. Jan Martin Vinatzer (12th), Antonio Violino (18th) and Philipp Demetz (86th) were responsible for the goals.

In the same group, Kiens defended second place and thus maintained its chances of promotion. On June 4th, the Pusterers will fight against the 2nd place in the table. of Group A, Schluderns, to play one class higher next season. On Sunday, Moritz Kammerer in Lüsen decided the game in favor of the Kienser with his goal in the 14th minute. Pursuer Latzfons Verdings had to admit defeat at home to Vahrn with 1:2. In Group A, the positions were already determined before the last matchday: Riffian Kuens was confirmed as the promoted team, while Schluderns, mentioned at the beginning, was secure in second place.

Decision game between Auer and Oberau

In the 2nd Amateur League A, Tscherms Marling had been promoted for some time. Mareo was also unassailable at the top of Group C. Only in Group B was there still tension – and what tension it was. Auer and Oberau were tied at the top before the final match day. That didn't change after the encounters on Sunday. Oberau won 3-2 against Eggental, Auer won 3-0 against Klausen/Lajen. So the big showdown will take place on May 31st. The winner advances, the loser plays the playoffs with the other runners-up and the cup winner.

Algund and Neustift are the names of the newcomers in the 3rd amateur league. They were joined on Sunday by Dietenheim, who defended their lead in the table on the last matchday with a 2-1 win against Vipiteno.

The big overview:

1nd Amateur League, Group A
Master: Riffian Kuens
Promotion round: Schluderns
Relegated: Tyrol, Prad

1st Amateur League, Group B
Master: Val Gardena
Promotion round: Kiens
Relegated: Reischach, Barbian/Villanders

2nd Amateur League, Group A
Master: Tscherms Marling
Promotion round: Mals
Relegated: Girlan, Andrian

2st Amateur League, Group B
Master: Auer OR Oberau
Promotion round: Auer OR Oberau
Relegated: Teis/Villnöss, Neumarkt

2rd Amateur League, Group C
Master: Mareo
Promotion round: Plose
Relegated: Wiesen, Olang

3nd Amateur League, Group A
Master: Algund
Promotion round: Tesimo

3st Amateur League, Group B
Master: Neustift
Promotion round: Brixen

3rd Amateur League, Group C
Master: Dietenheim
Promotion round: Jergina Amateurs


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