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Hannah Auchentaller, biathlete from Antholz.

European Championship bronze for Hannah Auchentaller

At the end of the European Biathlon Championships in Osrblie there was a medal for South Tyrol. Together with the mixed team relay, Hannah Auchentaller won the bronze medal.

The European Biathlon Championships in Brezno/Osrblie ended with a sense of achievement for Hannah Auchentaller. After ranks 15 (individual), 14 (sprint) and 22 (pursuit), the Antholz woman received precious metal in the mixed relay. Auchentaller was used as the final runner.

Nicola Romanin had brought Italy's team to the front with a very strong performance (0 errors) as the starting runner. Nicolò Betemps also did a good job and didn't let anything go wrong. Only 7 seconds behind, he handed over to Beatrice Trabucchi, who couldn't quite match the men's performance.

Italy's mixed relay team (far right) took bronze.

However, she also kept Italy on course for a medal before Auchentaller (she was the only one to make two errors) brought home the bronze medal. The South Tyrolean crossed the finish line in third place, 2 seconds behind Norway. Silver went to France.

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