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The first run in Kitzbühel was a complete slide. © ANSA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA

Kitzbüheler sortie orgy with a big surprise

It was a strange first round that took place on the Ganslernhang in Kitzbühel. At halftime, an athlete is in the lead that no one was counting on. But the topic of conversation was something else.

Of all places on the Ganslernhang, of all places in Kitzbühel, of all places at one of the most important races in the world: is Kristoffer Jakobsen's big moment coming there? The Swede caused a big surprise in the first round of the Kitzbühel Slalom on Sunday morning and is heading into the decision as the leader. This will take place from 13.30 p.m.

The number one topic of conversation was not Jakobsen's leadership, but rather the numerous failures. Of the 69 runners, only 37 finished. On the completely icy slope, the ski aces sometimes slipped around like ballerinas, the inherently difficult slope in Kitzbühel did the rest, with one athlete after the other being eliminated. The fact that Jakobsen is in the lead in such a race is not without a certain irony. The Swede is considered a great slalom talent, having already landed on the podium twice in December 2021. However, Jakobsen also has one flaw: the horrendous failure rate. In 84 World Cup races, the Scandinavian failed to finish 45 times.

Kristoffer Jakobsen is in the lead. © APA / EXPA/JOHANN GRODER

Jakobsen started the race with number 20 and pushed the previously leading Daniel Yule into second place by five hundredths of a second. Top favorite Manuel Feller lurks in third place, 2 seconds behind.

Vinatzer and Maurberger there

Alex Vinatzer, like numerous other athletes, had his problems in front of thousands of fans. Nevertheless, he made it to the finish and is in 21st place at halftime, 1,68 seconds behind. The best Azzurro after race one is Tommaso Sala, who takes 12th place. Simon Maurberger is in 28th place at halftime and is also involved in the decision. Meanwhile, Tobias Kastlunger from Val Badia didn't make it to the finish, Matteo Canins ended up in 36th place and missed the second round.

The decision in Kitzbühel will be made at 13.30:XNUMX p.m. With the SportNews-Live ticker, as always, gives you everything in view.

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