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Vincent Kriechmayr (middle) won last year ahead of Florian Schieder (l.) and Niels Hintermann (r.). © APA / EXPA/JOHANN GRODER

Record prize money: This is how much there is for the ski stars in Kitzbühel

At the 84th Hahnenkamm Race in the Men's Ski World Cup this weekend, there will once again be an unbelievable amount of prize money. Here is an overview.

A total of 1.000.500 euros will be paid out for the Streif conquerors around Marco Odermatt, Dominik Paris and Co. from Friday to Sunday. The prize money has therefore been increased slightly compared to the previous year.

For the first time, this record sum is divided evenly between the two runs “Kitzbühel” on Friday and “Hahnenkamm” on Saturday as well as the slalom on Sunday for the top 30 in each case. The winner receives 100.000 euros, the second 50.000 and the third 25.000.

The prize money for the top ten:

PositionAmount of money (gross)
1.100.000 Euros
2.50.000 euros
3.25.000 euros
4.18.000 euros
5.15.000 Euros
6.13.000 euros
7.12.000 euros
8.11.000 euros
9.10.000 euros
10.9.000 Euros

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