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Jasmin Coratti and her brother Edwin are happy about third place in Bad Gastein. © Miha Matavz Photography / Miha Matavz

Jasmin Coratti is happy: “Expectations far exceeded”

2 podium places, plus further top 10 results: Jasmin Coratti has never been so good in the World Cup. SportNews spoke to the snowboarder from Langtaufers.

Jasmin Coratti, how are you?

Coratti: “I'm fine, everything's fine. We've been on the road since January 7th, it's a very intense month. Now we just have to hold on until Sunday.”

You got 2 podium places in Scuol and Bad Gastein in January…

“I really had a great time. My expectations were more than exceeded. Second place in Scuol was the best moment. This place in Switzerland is not far from my home, the entire fan club was there. In the race I had one hundredth of luck on my side. It really went perfectly for me, even in Bad Gastein. It was really great.”

They say they exceeded expectations. What goals did you start the season with?

“I hoped that I could fulfill my potential. To be honest, I would have been happy with top 20 placements.”

In Scuol, Jasmin Coratti finished second and was on the podium for the first time in her career. © Miha Matavz Photography / Miha Matavz

That worked out pretty well. In the last 5 weeks, excluding the team competition, you have achieved 6 top 10 places. What goals do you still have this year?

“Due to the good results recently, I'm very relaxed now. I have already achieved a lot for myself this season. If I continue to make it into the top 16, then that would be okay.”

They were on the podium once each in the parallel slalom and the parallel giant slalom. Which discipline do you like better?

“I feel equally comfortable in both disciplines. The results are also about the same strength, so that’s a good fit.”

What are you going to do when you get home on Monday?

“In any case, I will give myself a two-day break. Then it's time to train again, because it'll start again soon. The Italian Championships are on the program. So we don’t have much time off, it’s happening in quick succession.”

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