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Coach Max Allegri faces an uncertain future with Juventus. © APA/afp / CRISTINA QUICLER

New penalties threaten: Juve in financial chaos

Juventus is facing further sports legal proceedings due to allegations of financial crimes and thus possibly new penalties.

The Italian football record champion is accused of unlawfully accounting for and concealing salary payments amounting to millions. The chief prosecutor of the FIGC association, Giuseppe Chiné, filed a lawsuit on Friday before the association court against the association and some of its former top officials.

Essentially, it's about this accusation: Juve agreed to a salary waiver with its players for the months of March to June 2020 due to the corona pandemic and also took these four months of unpaid salaries into account in the annual financial statements. Later, the club still paid the salaries of the footballers - including top earner Cristiano Ronaldo - partly due to secret side agreements; But this was kept secret from the association.

Allegations upon allegations

Chiné also accuses the former Serie A champion of entering into irregular deals with player agents and maintaining corresponding relationships. There were also agreements with six other Italian clubs to outsmart the association in transfer activities. According to media reports, there had recently been considerations of an out-of-court settlement - but a deal did not come about.

Juventus is having a season to forget – on and off the pitch. © ANSA / JULIO MUNOZ

Juventus is already before the sports court because of another case: the club is said to have falsified the market values ​​of its players for years and thus glossed over its balance sheets. As a result, Juve have already been deducted 15 points in the league by the association court - but the highest Italian sports court suspended the penalty and returned the case to the FIGC court. This should meet again next Monday and then discuss a - possibly reduced - penalty for the club. It was initially unclear when the new complaint would be prosecuted.


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