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Jannik Sinner achieved the greatest success of his career so far in Melbourne. © APA/afp / PAUL CROCK

Jannik Sinner's special greeting home

"Hi first". Those were the first two words that Jannik Sinner spoke on Sunday as the newly crowned Grand Slam champion. He opened a winning interview that thrilled the tennis fans in the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne with carefree and at the same time, as usual, humble statements.

The 15.000 spectators not only acknowledged Jannik Sinners with thunderous applause and cheers incredible comeback win in the final against Daniil Medvedev, but a little later also his first on-field interview as the premiere winner. The young man from Sesto carried this off brilliantly in his usual, very own way.

First of all, Sinner congratulated his counterpart on his performance, as he should. “You played a great tournament. In every match you show me something that I can copy for my game. You run after every ball, never giving up a point. I hope that you can take this trophy home with you one day.” Medvedev had previously praised Sinner highly and said that he had developed incredibly and had long been a role model with “this work ethic”.

“I wish everyone could have parents like me.” Jannik Sinner

With the morals mentioned by Medvedev, Sinner then politely thanked his supervisory staff. “This success belongs to my coaches and my entire staff. “It’s not always easy for me,” Sinner smiled. A short time later he appeared more profound, even slightly touched, as he sent a greeting home: “I would like to thank my family. I wish everyone could have parents like me. They always kept all doors open for me and let me try out other sports without ever putting pressure on me.”

Jannik Sinner takes home his first Grand Slam trophy. © APA/afp / WILLIAM WEST

It almost seemed as if the 22-year-old was on the verge of tears at this emotional moment. But in the next moment his mischievous grin flashed across his face again. “It was probably -20 degrees at home this morning, so I'd rather sweat here under the warm sun. I enjoy Melbourne, I enjoy this tournament. A big thank you everyone!”

On the plane with 1,9 million in prize money

Sinner will now travel back to Europe with his first Grand Slam trophy and prize money of around 1,9 million euros in his luggage. Several celebratory receptions, sponsorship and interview appointments await him there in the coming days. His next tournament appearance will be in Marseille next week – unless he takes a break. After all, Sinner has never played in a Grand Slam tournament for two full weeks before in his life. There is no question that it was worth it. It wasn't just two memorable weeks for him, but for the whole of South Tyrol, for Italian tennis and the entire sports world.

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