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Lucas Braathen fuels the speculation. © AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI

Big guesswork: What is Lucas Braathen up to?

The resignation of Lucas Braathen last October hit the ski world like a bolt from the blue. Now the Norwegian is stirring up the rumor mill himself.

It was October 27th, 2023, the start of the World Cup in Sölden was just around the corner - there was a huge bang in the ski world. As if out of nowhere, Lucas Braathen announced his retirement at the tender age of 23. As a result, the World Cup has not only lost a superstar, but also an eccentric who thrilled the masses.

Since Braathen resigned, comeback rumors have persisted. These are now being fueled again - by the Norwegian himself. He has called a press conference for Thursday to talk about his skiing future. Red Bull, one of the Braathen sponsors, announced this in a press release.

He is said to have already trained

It is still unclear what exactly will be the topic of this press conference. Will Braathen take on a role at Red Bull? Will he get a new role in the ski circus? Or will he actually return to the slopes? That's not entirely absurd. AJ Ginnis, a former slalom colleague of Braathen, recently said that the two had trained together and that he was sure that the Norwegian would compete again next season.

Braathen has won five World Cup races in his career. © ANSA / JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT

Marco Odermatt, old and new overall World Cup winner, said immediately after Braathen's resignation: "I wouldn't be surprised if he started for Brazil next season." Background: Braathen's mother comes from the South American country, which is why he also has this citizenship . One of the reasons for Braathen's resignation was disputes with the Norwegian association. One thing is clear: the ski world will be looking forward to the press conference on Thursday.


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