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Julian Verzotto is attacking at the Bolzano Diving Meeting these days. © ANDREAS KEMENATER

“We lost a lot of athletes during the Corona period”

From Friday to Sunday, the best divers in the world will compete from the trampolines and the platform in the Karl Dibiasi swimming pool at the Bolzano Diving Meeting. The event was presented on Wednesday.

Since last year, the event has been taking place under the name “Bolzano Diving Meeting Alto Adige - South Tyrol” to underline the connection between South Tyrol and diving, which has a long tradition in the province of Bolzano. The prestigious event includes participants from different nations. The official list of participants will be presented on Thursday.

“In South Tyrol we lost many athletes during the Corona period. I also count very talented divers. There was far too much uncertainty about our sport during this time,” explained Giorgio Cagnotto, who is Tania’s father and was a world-class diver himself, at the presentation of the event at the Thuniversum in Bolzano South. In addition to the coaching legend, Walter Taranto (President of the National Swimming Association), Ardelio Michielli (OC boss), Julian Verzotto and Matilde Borello (from Bolzano Nuoto) were also present.

Verzotto is South Tyrol's great hope at the meeting in Bolzano. The 21-year-old wants to qualify for the final of the top 10 on Sunday at the 8-meter board qualification on Saturday.


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