The Villach Adler really took off for the first time against Bozen. © René Krammer

Home game instead of semi-final: Bolzano loses in Villach

Around 150 loud ice hockey fans from Bolzano created a true home game atmosphere in Villach on Saturday. But it didn't help: HCB Südtirol Alperia suffered its first playoff defeat. And it was really high too.

On Saturday evening, Villacher SV offered its best playoff performance to date, while Bozen offered its weakest. The result? VSV won the game 6-1 and reduced the quarter-final series to 1-3. This will now move back to Bolzano on Monday. There is now a real home game waiting there, not just what feels like a home game.

Then the Foxes urgently have to change a few things in order not to seriously jeopardize their semi-final qualification. First and foremost the staffing. On Saturday, the HCB was also missing Enrico Miglioranzi Captain Daniel Frank and Scott Valentine. The latter returns after his ban, but there is a question mark behind Frank.

Squeezed out HCB stars

Coach Glan Hanlon took Val Gardena's Matteo Luisetti with him to Villach as a replacement and relied on defender Andreas Söderberg instead of striker Cristiano Di Giacinto (surplus foreigner). Hanlon mainly had five defenders and only three forward lines. Kris Pietroniro and Luisetti were hardly used at all, Pascal Brunner and Leo Felicetti only a little. So it happened that Bolzano's key players quickly ran out of breath, they chased after the opponent and were unable to react in the final third.

For their part, the Carinthians compensated for the absence the suspended offensive stars Andrew Desjardins and Maxime Golod Significantly better, they were much less physical, but more energetic than on Thursday in Bolzano.

The most important scenes:

Bolzano's only answerJohn Hughes puts VSV in the lead with a cracking slap shot (10th), Brad McClure responds just 14 seconds later with a beautiful backhander into the top corner. However, it remains Bolzano's only reaction that evening.
Confusion aboundsIronically, in a Bolzano power play, Villach is on the road to victory. The HCB offense lost the puck just as the defense wanted to move towards the bench. A long pass to Kevin Hancock and his dry finish made it 2-1 (16th).
Always HughesThe 3-1 was achieved by league record scorer Hughes, who scored after a Hancock hit the post and thus collected his fifth point in the fourth playoff game (29th). Bozen's McClure had previously failed at the crossbar.
Triple TomazevicAfter the Hughes show, Blaz Tomazevic also makes his big appearance. He writes his name on the scoreboard three times in a row (34th, 56th/empty net, 57th) and thus increases the VSV victory.

For the HCB it's now time to pack your bags and head home for the next home game. This takes place on Monday at 19.45:XNUMX p.m. On the same evening, HC Pustertal also takes part in the playoffs again. The wolves kick after the series equalizer on Friday now in Székesfehérvár.

IDM heat pumps Villacher SV – HCB Südtirol Alperia 6:1

VSV: Lamoureux (Swett); Katic-MacPherson, Lindner-Wall, Wetzl-Cap; Sabolic-Hancock-Hughes, Wallenta-Maxa-Benjamin Lanzinger, Tschurnig-Rauchenwald-Tomazevic, Florian Lanzinger-Geifes-Viveiros.
Coach: Rodman

HSBC: Harvey (Vallini); Teves-Di Perna, Söderberg-Parlett, Pietroniro-Vandane, Halmo-Ford-Gazley, Felicetti-McClure-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Miceli, Brunner-Alberga-Luisetti.
Coach: Hanlon

Gates: 1-0 John Hughes (9.29), 1-1 Brad McClure (9.43), 2-1 Kevin Hancock (15.19), 3-1 John Hughes (28.44), 4-1 Blaz Tomazevic (33.51), 5-1 Blaz Tomazevic (55.54), 6:1 Blaz Tomazevic (56.32)

Viewers: 3.465

Best of 7 series: 1:3

The other quarter-final duels:

Pioneers Vorarlberg – Klagenfurter AC 1:3
Goals: 0:1 Hundredpound (6.29), 1:1 Oden (10.37), 1:2 Fraser (17.48), 1:3 Bischofberger (41.01)
Audience: 3.890
Best of 7 series: 1:3

Black Wings Linz – EC Salzburg 2:3
Goals: 0:1 Thaler (0.08), 1:1 Romig (1.57), 1:2 Genoway (6.49), 2:2 Knott (20.08), 2:3 Rymsha (26.34)
Audience: 4.863
Best of 7 series: 1:3

HC Pustertal – Fehervar AV 2:1 ( on Friday)
Best of 7 series: 2:2


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