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St. Martin Moos around coach Stefan Gasser and veteran Artur Tschöll (on the left) had to accept a late blow in the neck in Kiens. © Social Media

Ritsch is sending St. Martin Moos deep into crisis

It was supposed to be a successful season, but now Stefan Gasser's return to St. Martin Moos threatens to be a disaster. After the 1-2 defeat in Kiens on Saturday, the Psairers are in deep crisis.

In 2024, St. Martin Moos has not yet scored a single point. The Gasser team has been waiting for a win for 10 games. The bottom of the table is a bitter reality and there is a risk of falling into the first amateur league. Especially because the competition is also scoring hard.

Like Riffian Kuens, which won against Gitschberg Jochtal on Saturday. Although the Burggräfler missed a penalty (Gitschberg substitute goalkeeper Noel Prader held strong), they were still able to celebrate a 2-1 win in the end. This means that Riffian Kuens has – at least temporarily – overtaken his neighbor Schenna in the table. Coach Alex Mayr's team suffered their second defeat in a row in Terlan. The winning goal scorer for the Etschtaler was Felix Thurner (2th).

In Kiens, however, regional league star Martin Ritsch scored the winning goal. In stoppage time, Ritsch converted a penalty to give the Puster team a 2-1 win. St. Martin Moos had recently equalized through Fabian Pacella after being outnumbered for the entire second half (Daniel Bordoni saw red).

In the evening game, another problem child, Milland, celebrated a success and won against Voran Leifers 3-0. This means that the Eisacktalers have said goodbye to the relegation zone, at least for one night.

State league: Saturday’s games

Kiens – St. Martin Moos 2:1
1:0 Wierer (45th), 1:1 Pacella (82nd), 2:1 Ritsch (90th + 2/penalty)

Schenna – Terlano 0:1
0:1 Thurner (76.)

Gitschberg Jochtal – Riffian Kuens 1:2
0:1 Kröss (4th), 1:1 Rabija (25th), 1:2 Spechtenhauser (87th)

Milland – Laives 3-0
1:0 Maly (14th), 2:0 Angerer (42nd), 3:0 Oberhofer (81st)

1. SSV Brixen19154057:2049
2. Brunico19132444:1341
3. Lace19115337:2138
4. Salorno19111741:3234
5. Terlano19104530:2234
6. Kiens1994630:2531
7. Ahrntal1993732:2930
8. Val Gardena1992827:2929
9. Gitschberg Jochtal1957726:2422
10. SSV Laives1956824:2921
11. Riffian Kuens19541029:4419
12. Schenna1946921:3118
13. Wine Route South19531114:3118
14. Milland19441121:3616
15. St. Martin Moss19351120:3914
16. Ridnaun Valley19241313:4110


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