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Marco Baroni, former coach of FC Südtirol, will coach Lazio in the future. © ANSA / Emanuele Pennnacchio / z97

Lazio has found the new coach

After the surprising separation from Igor Tudor, Lazio has found its new coach. Marco Baroni was introduced by the Romans on Tuesday.

Baroni is the new coach of Lazio. The 60-year-old from Tuscany was officially introduced on Tuesday and succeeds Tudor, who was in office for just a few weeks.

Baroni comes to Rome from Verona, where he achieved a small football miracle with Hellas Verona in the spring. Almost relegated, Verona sold some of their best players in the winter. But Baroni saved the traditional club and was able to keep Verona in Serie A at the last minute.

Marco Baroni was officially introduced on Tuesday. © ANSA / X / SS LAZIO

The reward is now a commitment to Lazio, who will play in the Europa League next season. Baroni has also coached Lecce, Benevento and FC Südtirol, among others. From May 2005 to June 2006, Baroni was on the sidelines in Bolzano. At that time, the FCS was still playing in the fourth-class series C2.

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