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Linda Zingerle looks positively into the future. © Sportissimus

From role models to the Olympics: Linda Zingerle is speaking now

Linda Zingerle has always been considered a great biathlon talent. Things haven't exactly gone as planned for the 21-year-old lately. SportNews spoke to Zingerle in detail about the past few months and her future prospects.

From the biathlon center in Martell

David Lechthaler

Even though Linda Zingerle is active in the IBU Cup (second racing class behind the World Cup), she is of course well known to local biathlon fans: The daughter of the former national coach Andreas Zingerle has caused a huge sensation in the youth and junior categories and at major events won numerous medals. In the summer of 2022, her breakthrough stalled for the first time when she had to undergo surgery after breaking her ankle.

Zingerle recovered from this, but in September a blood sample found antibodies to Pfeiffer's glandular fever. That's why she always struggles with fatigue. This year, 7th place was her best result so far. On the sidelines of the IBU Cup in Martelltal, we met with the young Antholzer woman for a detailed conversation. The good-humoured Zingerle is a cheerful person - you quickly notice that - and spoke with SportNews above...

...your season so far: “I am generally satisfied with my shooting performance this year. I'm not quite fit at the moment when it comes to running. I hope I'm slowly getting back into shape on the trails. But I struggled with health issues over the summer.”

...your health problems: “The antibodies remain in the body for a long time after Pfeiffer's glandular fever and can therefore have a long-lasting effect. This is different for everyone. Some are constantly sick, have a sore throat or a fever. This isn't the case for me, but I was constantly tired. I still feel that. For example, I often no longer have any strength in my legs. I don't think this will disappear overnight. But things are slowly getting better.”

“I constantly struggle with tired legs” Linda Zingerle

...the consequences: “In terms of running, I’m far from my best and I’m running behind some of the others – including some of my teammates with whom I’ve always been able to easily keep up. That's difficult for the head. But I have to get through it now. Maybe I’ll come out of this situation stronger.”

Linda Zingerle at the IBU Cup in Martell. © sportissimus

...the goals for this year:
“Of course the World Cup is always in the back of our minds – especially when Antholz is approaching. But that will be difficult this year. I also train a lot with the A group, so that's something that crosses your mind. But for this year it’s just important to me that I find my rhythm again and improve my running.”
“Of course the Olympics in Antholz are always in the back of our minds.” Linda Zingerle

...Home Olympics 2026: “The topic is getting closer and closer. When people usually talked about it, it was far away. But now there are only two years until the Olympics in Antholz (laughs). Of course, this is always in the back of our minds – especially because it takes place at home. Even if you are aware of all the work on the stadium at the moment, this topic is always present. The Olympics are getting closer and closer and are therefore becoming more and more realistic.”

...her role models: “Martin Fourcade was my great role model for a long time. And of course Doro (Wierer; Note d. Red.). You can learn a lot from her, especially when shooting. What's more, I know her well, she comes from the same valley. Of course, Lisa Vittozzi is also one of my role models. I can often train with her throughout the summer.”

The Antholz girls Hannah Auchentaller, Linda Zingerle and Rebecca Passler at the 2019 Youth World Championships in Lenzerheide. © L. Mahlknecht

...her teammates: “Of course I’m pleased that Hannah (Auchentaller) and Rebby (Rebecca Passler) have now established themselves in the World Cup. We still spend a lot of time together, be it in training, in our free time or on vacation. I am convinced that they will continue on their path successfully. Hannah of course did a sensational job at the World Cup last year, Rebby was consistent throughout the season. This year she has improved again in terms of running and she is unbeatable when it comes to shooting anyway (laughs).”

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