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Sofia Goggia recovered from the exertions of last season in Sicily and Ibiza. © Social Media/iamsofiaggia

Goggia: “I never really thought about quitting”

Sofia Goggia will begin summer training shortly, but has used her final hours of relaxation to connect with her fans.

Sofia Goggia is preparing for the coming winter season starting next week, but once again used her quiet hours to give her fans a little insight into her life. The Olympic and World Cup downhill champion responded to several comments from her followers during a question and answer session on social media after spending her vacation between Sicily and Ibiza.

Goggia explained: “From Monday I will be in Verona to start physical training. I will focus on getting in top shape for a month before I get back on skis at the end of June.”

One of the many questions the Italian ski star was asked was: “Have you ever thought about quitting?” The 30-year-old replied: “When I took off the bandage after my hand operation in December, I was very distressed and wondered where this sport would take me. But then I remembered that I did it so I could race the next day. So I would say that despite the hardships, I never really thought about quitting.”

Goggia won the Downhill World Cup a few months ago. © ANSA / JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT

Questions were also asked about Goggia's life away from the piste, which she readily answered. Citing her political science studies as her main side activity, Azzurra explained: “I have imposed on myself to study for at least an hour and a half every day since I have exams coming up.”

Finally, Goggia appealed to the population to support those affected by floods in Emilia-Romagna: “I will not only send my thoughts and hugs, but also make a donation.”


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