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Cheers from Florian Schieder: The Castelrotto native is on the podium in Kitzbühel. © ANSA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA

Schieder does it again: podium in Kitzbühel

Last year, Florian Schieder achieved his only podium place in the Ski World Cup to date with second place in Kitzbühel. Now the Castelrotto native can put his second chamois in the trophy cabinet, because Schieder is almost at the top at the award ceremony on Friday.

The trip on Friday on the Streif looked calm and level-headed, as befits Florian Schieder's character. But Schieder was lightning fast and benefited from perfectly adjusted material. When the South Tyrolean swung away at the finish and left Marco Odermatt behind, he could dream of victory.

However, this dream quickly burst. High-flyer Cyprien Sarrazin was behind Schieder at the top, but was steadily catching up. Because the Frenchman caught the final slope perfectly, he intercepted the South Tyrolean by 5 hundredths. Schieder was briefly annoyed, but shortly afterwards had a beaming smile on his face again. Rightly so, after all it is only his second podium finish in the Ski World Cup. He won the first one almost exactly a year ago, also in the Friday downhill, in Kitzbühel. The chamois city seems to be particularly special to Schieder. Sarrazin, on the other hand, is the first French downhill winner in Kitzbühel since Luc Alphand, who won in 2.

Later start

Because it had rained and snowed during the night, the fog hung on the Streif in the morning hours. The start was therefore postponed by one hour to 12.30 p.m. After the Swiss Stefan Rogentin opened the race, it developed into a thriller. In addition to Sarrazin, Marco Odermatt also had luck on his side. The Swiss superstar was a hundredth faster than US boy Ryan Cochran-Siegle and is on the podium in third place.

Winner of the first downhill run in Kitzbühel: Cyprien Sarrazin. © ANSA / CHRISTIAN BRUNA

Dominik Paris (6th) had a decent run, but didn't quite come close to the top positions. The Ultner lost 58 hundredths to the winner Sarrazin, but is still allowed to attend the award ceremony for the top 6. Christof Innerhofer (39th), on the other hand, never really got going, the Gaiser is 2,65 seconds behind the Frenchman. The Austrian Daniel Hemetsberger was lucky when he hit a tarpaulin and was able to avoid a serious fall with difficulty.

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