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On December 16th last year, Obermais won the cup final against Lavis.

A special adventure begins for Obermais

After the cup double (against St. Pauls and Lavis), FC Obermais is now heading into the national phase of the Italian Cup for the upper leagues. The first duel is on the program on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, FC Obermais will be away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the league and into the national cup phase. From 15 p.m., the FCO will welcome the upper league club ASD Villafranca Veronese from the Veneto region in the Italian Cup for the upper division at Viehmarktplatz. Head coach Paolo Corghi's team is currently in fourth place in the Veronese league table.

Briefly about the competition: The Italian Cup for the upper league teams is taking place for the 57th time this year. After the regional phase ( in which Obermais won the cup final against Lavis 1-0), the 19 teams (one from each region except Aosta) will be divided into eight groups in the national phase: three groups of three and five head-to-head duels. In the groups of three, each team plays against each other once, and then the first-placed team in each group of three advances to the quarterfinals. In the direct duels, however, there is a return leg; the winner based on goals advances to the next round.

Obermais is in a group of three. In addition to ASD Villafranca Veronese, the blue and whites also face Brian Lignano, a team from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The opener at home against Villafranca follows on Wednesday, and depending on the outcome of the game, Obermais will have to travel away to Lignano either next Wednesday, February 21st, or the Wednesday after next, February 28th.

In 2018…

...St. Georgen was the only South Tyrolean team to date to win the national league cup. The Jergina fought their way to the final, where they met Vigor Trani's team from the Puglia region in Florence and prevailed 2-0. At that time, Alex Ziviani and today's regional league snapper Martin Ritsch scored the goals and shot St. Georgen into Serie D (here Message for further reading). That was historic, as no other South Tyrolean team has achieved this since then.

In 2018, St. Georgen was the only South Tyrolean team to win the national Italian Cup for the upper division. © David Laner

Obermais' sporting director Michael Höller is looking forward to the cup game. “Tomorrow we will face a super team in Villafranca, like all the top league teams outside the province. It will definitely be a difficult game, but we don't lack motivation at all." Obermais will throw everything into the balance and see what happens in the end. “We are currently missing some important starters (Manuel Brusco, Alex Debiasi and Lukas Höller, editor's note) and the game will certainly be anything but easy, but we will try with all the means in our power to win the game “, says Höller combatively.
“I am sure that the team is excited for the game and will fight tirelessly for 90 minutes.” Michael Höller, sporting director of Obermais

But even if FC Obermais doesn't survive the group of three, it won't be a defeat for the Blue and Whites. “If we don’t make any progress, it won’t be the end of the world. Participating in the national phase of the cup is always a great experience for the players, from which they can certainly take a lot with them for the future,” said Höller. “But I am sure that the team is excited for the game and will fight tirelessly for 90 minutes,” added Höller.

Blue-white duel on Sunday

The championship for Obermais will continue again on Sunday. The traditional duel against FC St. Pauls takes place there. The two teams currently have the same number of points (29), which is not the only reason why it will be a duel between the giants. “We are really looking forward to the duel against St. Pauls. “It’s always something special to play a game like this, especially the blue-white duel,” said Höller, who is already looking forward to the next match in the league.

The record speaks clearly for the FCO with 2-0 wins this season: In the first half of the season they were able to celebrate a 3-2 win at home and At the beginning of December, the Merano team also secured the cup final against St. Pauls with a clear 3-0 triumph on paper. A little too clear, as Michael Höller thinks. “It doesn’t mean anything that we won 3-0 back then. The game was much more even and it wasn't an easy win that we got back then. St. Pauls have proven many times this season that they are a top team and they won’t give us anything away on Sunday either.”

Matteo Timpone and Co. want to reach the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup. © det

“Blue-white versus blue-white always promises an exciting duel. This time too, little things will decide between victory and defeat. That’s why we have to give everything and give it our all,” said Höller before the upcoming blue-white derby against St. Pauls. Sunday's game on the artificial turf pitch in St. Pauls starts at 15 p.m.

Italian Cup of the upper league teams

Wednesday, February 14rd
FC Obermais – ASD Villafranca Veronese (15 p.m.)

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